With makering, simply ring one phone during 20 seconds and choose the displayed number...

The number can be made of 1 up to 16 digits.
If the callee is picking up he/she will be connected to no one.

Experience also makecall and makesms !

In order to make one phone ring instantly and to choose the displayed calling number:

Register once and login to get some credits (5 free trial credits).

Ring of a phone during 20 seconds: makering

Visit the page WebServices on the ring tab, fill in the phone number of the caller (1234567890123456 for example), the phone number of the callee (0687654321 for example) and validate.

A confirmation message is displayed giving a link to the log to track all steps of the call in details.

Immediately the phone 0687654321 is getting a call. The number 1234567890123456 is displayed as caller.

The phone is ringing during 20 seconds. If the callee is picking up the call, no communication with anyone will be established. The call will be stopped immediately.

To start the ring after a given delay

Fill in in the field in the delay in minutes that you want to wait.

You can choose a delay between 1 and 120 minutes.

Ring of multiple phones simultaneously (until 10 phones): makering+

Visit the page WebServices on the ring+ tab, fill in the phone number of the callee and its respective caller on each line. You may fill up to 10 lines. Let some fields blank if you want to make ring less than 10 phones and validate.

Immediately and simultaneously every callee is getting a call from its corresponding caller during 20 seconds. If you wish, you can select the same caller for multiple callees.

Ring of multiple phones simultaneously (until 100 phones): makeringun

Visit the page WebServices on the ringun tab, fill in the international phone prefix of the caller and callees. Fill in the caller number and the list of all callees (without the prefix) separated by '+' (no space, no letter) and validate.

Every callee is getting a call from the same caller during 20 seconds. The callees will ring more or less simultaneously depending on the local infrastructure to which the phones receiving the call are attached (at a rate of approximately 2 callees per second).

The called phone is not charged in any manner.

Also if the caller is corresponding to an existing phone number this one is not charged.

To start to trigger rings, login now, buy 100 credits for 5 Euros. Then use these credits at following rate:

  • 5 credits (0.25 Eur) for every makering, makering+ or makeringun call in France. Look at the detailed rates per country.

You can also use these credits on makesms and makecall.

You shall never use this service to harass the callee. Stay responsible of your actions or pay the penalty.

Warning system:

Send a code from 1 up to 16 digits which will be transmitted instantly and will ring the phone of the callee. In opposite to SMS whose delivery delay is not predictable (asynchronous), the telephone calls are assuredly triggered (synchronous). Moreover, you can check whether the callee has picked up the call or not thanks to the tracing log hence you can be ensured that your calling code has been received.


During a dinner or a meeting initiate some misunderstandings by triggering calls between guests without their knowledge! (With family, friends or even at work...)


With the help of an accomplice who will trigger the call or alone by using the delay feature, you can easily do a stunning magic trick. Hocus Pocus, your phone is calling my phone!

Connect people:

Two people don't dare to call each other, give them a leg up! The callee will be tempted to call back the caller.


Let your own phone ring to leave a meeting with a great excuse!


You want to check the reaction of someone when a precise number is ringing his/her phone. Go to action!

Simple check:

You want to know whether the phone of someone else is in silent mode or not, try to let it ring by displaying the number of someone else!

Have also a look to the examples of scenarios in the catalog.

Why do you offer this service?

The aim of this service is to ease the communication between people or to have good time. In no way you shall bother or harass anybody by using this service.

Is it working with landlines?

Yes. The callee can be a landline phone number.

Is it working within company phone systems?

Yes the only condition is that the phones are reachable from outside the company phone network.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. Neither the callee nor the caller may find out who has triggered the call. However remain responsible of your actions.

Can I use international numbers?

Yes, the service is originally French but you may enter numbers in international format.

For example (use 44 for UK) 44471234567. The service is not working in USA.

If you don't use the international prefix of your country, you will call a French number instead.

Is there a cheaper way to use this service?

Yes. Benefit of a sponsorship program or free credits by purchasing credit top-ups over 5 EUR.

All the make services can be handled by using our API.

Everyone is free to develop their own applications.

Please have a look to the make API documentation.